About Me

Hi, My name is Onome Stephanie Nyong.  I am a very passionate women's health educator with over seven years of working experience in women's health. After I got an eye opener about how amazing my body is and the many wonderful things it could do if I harnessed the power of my hormones, I was blown away and started teaching my  female friends and family fertility awareness method for birth control, conception and monitoring the reproductive health. 

As the demand grew, I began to teach women one on one and in group classes. There's a lot we weren't taught about our periods and cycles in health class. Most women are ignorant of the very basic things about their cycles and if they knew better, they wouldn't need to cope with the devastating side effects of hormonal birth control, infertility or PMS, to name a few. It is why I do what I do.

I am also an avid writer who has written four books in women's health including fertility awareness, breast and cervical cancer prevention amongst others. 

I am the Founder and Program Director at Women's Health Platforms Foundation, Abuja, an NGO women's clinic that has provided over 4,000 women with preventive sexual healthcare services especially in the area of breast and cervical cancer prevention.


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